New Hot Lab for Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

We are proud to inform that we have successfully delivered our hot lab furniture to the new research building, the Multiscale Imaging Centre (MIC) at the University of Münster.

As part of the project, we installed a stainless-steel workbench system, equipped with a lead shield and all necessary base cabinets. To maximize the efficiency of the workspace, the measuring chamber of the ISOMED 2010 dose calibrator, used for rapid and accurate activity determination of radiopharmaceuticals, was integrated into the workbench surface. Usual free-standing waste bins were integrated as a waste collecting unit on telescopic rails into the workbench top to create a tidy working environment. Our release counter FR-8 will help in future to measure radioactive waste and dispose of it safely and efficiently after a corresponding storage time. To ensure safe monitoring of persons, equipment, and surfaces for contamination, mobile contamination monitors (CoMo-170) were delivered, and the existing hand-foot-clothing contamination monitors (HFC) were renewed. This is intended to ensure that the employees of the University of Münster work with the latest technologies while considering high safety and quality standards. We have been pleased to support the Universität Münster in the redesign of their laboratory, and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.